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    BioSig-ID Enrollment with Photo ID Check (Live Agent)


    The steps to go through a photo-ID check with a live agent, as part of the BioSig-ID™ enrollment process, are as follows:

    1. Launch the enrollment process for BioSig-ID™ to get to this screen


    2. Select the device that will be used


    3. Click the `Next` button to proceed


    4. Draw the first four character/number password for BioSig-ID™


    5. Click the `Next` button to continue


    6. The first password is always accepted and now it is important to draw it again as close as possible


      IMPORTANT: It is natural to fail the next step if you are having a difficult time to draw the same characters again close enough to your first password. Try using the `Restart` button otherwise to start fresh and draw something else. For example use an `X` or `7` instead of a `0` as lines are easier than circular motions for some users. Another option is to draw smaller and/or slower. Everything you draw will be used to verify, so if you already know that something went wrong use the `Clear` button to redo the step you are at. Touchpad users might want to consider using both hands to allow more control in drawing while holding down the `left` button.

    7. After you are finished drawing it a second time click the `Next` button to continue


    8. To get a proper biometric profile you just have to draw it a third time


    9. After you are finished click the `Next` button to continue


    10. Your primary password for BioSig-ID™ is now enrolled and it is time to create a secondary profile with Click-ID™BioProof.10.new.png
    11. This is not an actual keyboard, but an image of one to make it easier to remember what points you click on. It is not a problem to create the same password that was used for the BioSig-ID™ profile, or pick something else (bulls eyes will appear after your selection)



    12. After creating the first profile click on the `Next` button to continue


    13. The first step is always accepted and now it is important to create it again as close as possible


    14. After you are finished creating it again click the `Next` button to continue


    15. Now just once more to finish the Click-ID™ enrollment


    16. Use the `Next` button to continue


    17. This now brings us to the BioProof-ID™ step to allow a live agent to verify your photo-ID (please use the `system test` link if you have not yet confirmed that your system is ready at this point) or continue by clicking the `Start Chat Session` button


    18. Next you will be connecting with a Live Agent. Please be ready with your photo-ID. While waiting for the live agent please keep an eye on the chat area.


    19. After the live agent has verified your photo-ID they will unlock the next step for you to validate BioSig-ID™.


    20.  Draw the password you created one final time and click the 'Validate' button to continue


    21. This ends the process and you are now presented with a button to return back to the system you started in before the BioSig-ID™ enrollment (for example Blackboard)

    NOTE: If at any time you abort or skip the photo-ID verification process you will have to go through this process the next time you are required to use BioSig-ID™. After validating your BioSig-ID™ password you will return to step #18 as explained above.


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