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    Why do I have to register/enroll with both BioSig-ID and Click-ID?


    In order to minimize the need for users to contact the help desk for support should they forget their password, our software registers an end-users identity using two levels of verification: BioSig-ID and Click-ID.

    By having a multi-factor authentication process this allows an end-user who fails to validate their identity using their BioSig-ID password, to validate their identity using Click-ID before needing to contact online support. 

    If the end-user fails to enroll with BioSig-ID, they will be directed to enroll with Click-ID and Complex Security Questions. If the end-user fails to verify their identity at this point, the system will automatically prompt the end-user to re-enroll with BioSig-ID (or in some cases Click-ID) after they have verified their identity with Click-ID or Complex Security Questions and create a new password.

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